Orange Sauce Casuals, 1/23/13

January 23, 2013 in Events

It’s going down again at the Orange Sauce Casuals. Last week the session was held at La Victoria in San Jose, CA. Many skilled players that have been playing the SF and MvC series for years came out to compete at the tournaments. Gamers in the Bay Area haven’t had many options to play competitive games with their friends as arcades have slowly disappeared over the years. Almost everybody has their own Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 to play online, but we all know how much more fun it is to see your friends and opponents in-person. Also, no one can complain about lag or their poor internet connection.

Xenoflare interviews La Victoria’s Manager, 1/16/13

Last week, La Victoria proved to be a hotspot for gamers. Conveniently located 1 block away from SJSU, about 70 gamers and spectators came out screaming and hollering over the intense action on the 2nd floor at the most famous taqueria in San Jose, CA. The event was originally scheduled to start at 8 pm and end at 12 am, but the fun didn’t stop until about 1:30 pm as gamers created new friendships and talked about various competitive games and competitions.

Orange Sauce Casuals – Grand Finals

Julio vs Mac Daddy – SFIV AE 2012

Mel vs Pauls – UMvC3


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